Fresh Sounds #1 (2010/11/09)

Haven’t had much chance to explore new music lately…I blame Layton and DQ9. What little that has caught my ear:

19sai no Uta. Abe Mao – More often than not, Mao’s incessant wailing is a huge turn-off but it works well in perfect harmony with the rockin’ back-track here.

Dill. Toyosaki Aki – A lot of people hate this, think it sounds weird. OTOH, I think it might be the most mainstream track that Harada Ikuko + Mito have ever written.

Hoot. Girls’ Generation – This hits the right spots pretty hard. Kpop really trumps Japanese shit at the dance-pop thing. Also, the new mini-album has finally managed to tear me away from listening to the hilarious Japanese (more like bastardized Konglishanese) version of Gee.

Matahariku. Agnes Monica – Geez, this does sound like a theme for a weepy Korean drama where everybody dies of leprosy or herpes (except of course, it’s actually in Bahasa Indonesia). But it’s still powerful and emotional…very nice, controlled vocal.

Tenshi to Akuma. Sekai no Owari – Base Ball Bear’s recent album thing was a major disappointment. Thank God then for Sekai no Owari, who sound like a thousand other bands (Merengue, BBB, Onso9 Line etc) yet maintain their own unique sound. Catchy song this.

Toki ga Tateba. Ohata Yuichi – His last few albums kinda slipped past my field of vision…and I sure wish I had paid more attention. Music From the Magic Shop is well, pure magic. This song’s the pick of a very good bunch.

Our Kind of Love. Lady Antebellum – Not exactly a substitute for the void in my heart left by Nickelcreek’s split, but there’s something about the trio’s music that just gets me. And to think that (when I was a kid) I swore I’d never grow up to like country music…

Donna Donna. Tenniscoats – They’re one of those groups I rarely touch simply ‘cos it’s hard to ever be in the mood for avant-garde…folk? Half their stuff sounds like flute versions of Revolution #9…this though, sounds like drunk polka. It’s weird, in a good way.

Fragrance. Uryu Akiha – Just incredibly foot-tappingly fun and full of life. Swing/pop? A happy version of dorlis maybe.

Sonnet. The Verve – 1997 was a pretty good year for British rock music (think Radiohead, Mansun, Supergrass etc) and Urban Hymns was a pivotal part of that. This ranks as my favourite song off the album.

So yeah, there’s 10 songs rockin’ my Foobar right at this very moment. I’ll probably be listening to something completely different come next week though – I have my eyes on those Beatles CDs I’ve freshly ripped from my own collection. Haven’t heard those for ages.

Today’s humming song: Goodbye Happiness by Utada Hikaru