Toyosaki Aki – CHEEKY

I haven’t regularly kept up with Sphere-related musical efforts since my love affair with Jpop ended about 2 years ago but this new one from Toyosaki Aki is very nicely done. Perhaps a little bit conventional by songwriter Ando Yuko’s standards but that little bridge after the 2nd chorus does throw in a bit of quirk to liven things up (check out one of Ando’s best songs here).

CHEEKY is another in a fine string of Toyosaki singles in the run up to the release of her sophomore album Love Letters at the end of September. By comparison, her other groupmates’ solo careers have been rather lacklustre in quality despite all of them trumping Aki in vocal ability…I guess simply having good musical taste and possessing a bit of influence in choosing one’s songwriting team do make up for a complete lack of talent.


Bar Bar Bar

While not having reached Gangnam Style-levels of obnoxiousness (YET), 빠빠빠 is still the most fucking ridiculous song I’ve heard this year. Might’ve been the most ridiculous thing I’d watched all year too, if Miley Cyrus and her tongue hadn’t visually raped VMA viewers.

Funnily, I don’t actually hate 빠빠빠 that much. At the very least, I’m grateful that it finally knocked EXO fans off their high horse by grabbing a MuBank win yesterday…even if Way broke the trophy.

fhána – Que Sera Sera PV

fhána are one of the few anisong/doujin acts I make an effort to keep up with these days – was really surprised to see that they bagged a major anime tie-up with Que Sera Sera, the ending theme for one of my current favourite shows Uchoten Kazoku.

I’m happy that towana has joined the group as its permanent vocalist so that Sato Junichi (no, not that one but this one), yuxuki waga & kevin mitsunaga won’t have to resort to Vocaloid any more. Full album please!

MEEKS – Beatless -Shoegazer Covers Of The Beatles-

I think this album would sound twice as amazing if I was off my head on drugs.