Sawai Miku – Yuuutsu Biyori.

Just when I thought Sawai Miku’s new album sounded a lot happier than her usual efforts, I paid more attention to the lyrics and realized that she’s still as depressed as ever… I guess the title of the album should have told me as much.

きっと 明日の朝には もう忘れてるよね

Even if I disappeared in an instant
I’m sure by tomorrow morning nobody would remember

from ⌘Q

Two of her recent singles (Colorful and Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakatta.) are miles apart in sound but equally melancholic in lyrical content. Check out the PV for Colorful on Jpopsuki (her youtube vids are all region blocked, stupid JP :<)



Oh the amount of grief österreich got from foreign anime kids for their song 無能, used as the opening for the second season of the much-maligned Tokyo Ghoul anime.

österreich (German for Austria) are a supergroup of sorts, featuring guitarist Takahashi Kunimitsu, formerly of the cabs and vocalist Kamano Ai of Haisuinonasa. Despite what Kamano says, I still think 無能 is very similar to her own band’s style. But hey, math rock as an anime theme? Who woulda thunk that?

Bonus: check out the trailer for Haisuinonasa’s newest single 変身 here. They’re just soooo good!