OJ Law – Let’s Be Adult

I hadn’t bothered to listen to mainstream radio for a long while (sick of Taylor Swift, Uptown Funk and the like) but I happened to tune into Hitz.fm tonight and heard something that piqued my interest. Thank God for Shazam identifying the song as Introverts by Malaysian electronic musician OJ Law, which means I had to immediately had to hunt down the album it came from.

So yeah, got Let’s Be Adult off iTunes. You can get it off his Bandcamp too. Sounds a lot like a lot of my favourite stuff really – Phoenix, Hot Chip, APOGEE. Maybe it’s time to look into the local indie scene again? The last time I bothered, Nicestupidplayground were still active…(wait, are they still?).

Check out the video above, hopefully it’ll pique your interest too.



The singing might put some people off but the music is solid. I think I’m genetically programmed to be unable to resist piano lines like this.

uchuu, are a 5-piece band (3 guys, 2 girls) originally from Osaka signed to Space Shower Music’s label and they just released their excellent 3rd mini-album HELLO, HELLO, HELLO. Check out their official website and Twitter.

Shiggy Jr. – Summer Time Love

Major label début for Shiggy Jr., via Universal Music Japan – these guys made one of my favourite albums last year. I guess you could argue that their music is already tailor-made for the mainstream charts so getting a major deal perhaps isn’t such a…big deal. First single Summer Time Love is LISTEN TO THE MUSIC Jr. and I sure as hell ain’t complaining. Perfect summertime anthem which is just as well since I just got back from roasting hot Thailand w