10 Favourite Anime Composers

Voted on this a few weeks ago, posting my list here for posterity’s sake.

1.Kajiura Yuki
Still the meister for me.

2.Ichikawa Jun (市川 淳)
Yeah it’s one year++ since Ichikawa’s work on Mitsuwano caught my ear and I’ve been busy digging into his archives since then. Hinata no Aoshigure’s soundtrack is a particular favourite, as is the OST for dorama Fuyu no Sakura.

3.Nanase Hikaru / Itou Masumi
The RDG soundtrack & Natsuiro Kiseki’s image album was great.

4.Sasago Shigeharu (Choro Club, ko-ko-ya)
I didn’t think I’d ever be putting Sasago on such a list but I guess he’s done enough anime-related work at this point to warrant a spot. Choro Club has always been a favourite of mine with or without the ARIA association, and Sasago’s involvement with ko-ko-ya (Croisee, Ristorante Paradiso) seals the deal further.

5.Oshima Michiru
As consistent as ever in output and quality.

6.Ryo Kunihiko/Yang Bang-Ean
He’s certainly not prolific, seemingly preferring to spend time producing commercial jingles and directing music for the Sochi Olympics and Pyeongchang handover ceremony. But he has recently done soundtracks for Akatsuki no Yona and the movie Again -28nenme no Koshien-.

7.Kato Tatsuya
Kato’s one of the younger guns and he’s been doing quite a lot of work of late, some of which has been very good. Like Shokugeki no Soma.

8.Matsuda Akito (Nijine)
Name change but he’s still the same. Euphonium guy.

9.Anze Hijiri
Anime or not? Arranger or composer? He did do BL show Hybrid Child (great stuff) this year but mostly operates in video games.

10.Kameoka Natsumi
Randomly discovered Kameoka through the soundtrack for VN Ken no Kimi and was delighted to hear her stellar work continue on the Kancolle anime. She’s an orchestrator so her works are obviously heavy on the strings – check out her official site for more examples.

On the cusp: Hamaguchi Shiro, Yamashita Kosuke, Hashimoto Yukari

The last time the poll was held in 2010, my top 10 was:

1.Kajiura Yuki
2.Nanase Hikaru
3.Oshima Michiru
4.Muramatsu Ken
5.Mitsumune Shinkichi
6.Ryo Kunihiko
8.Fujita Junpei
9.Okubo Kaoru
10.Anze Hijiri

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