sasanomaly – M(OTHER)

Producer nekobolo is about to go major with his first single Takarabako released on Sony Music Associated Records, which also serves as the opening theme for the 5th animated season of the popular Natsume Yujincho series. His work has always been gorgeous – both the sound and the visuals, and it’ll be interesting to see if/how his style shifts henceforth.

One last indie hurrah for sasanomaly then, in the form of his M(OTHER) EP which was released on 7 September. The title track and Re:verb both got amazing PVs to go along with the music, so here’s this last chance for you to check him out before he truly blows up.


Akira Kosemura – Momentary: Memories of the Beginning

Perhaps a little late to be posting about this – the album was released at the beginning of June and Schole Records’ very prolific boss Kosemura has already put out another record since (ONE DAY, which is awesome as well). Momentary: Memories of the Beginning is slightly different from his usual ambient chill since it features guest vocalists on a couple of tracks.

The diverse supporting cast includes American indie folk musician Devendra Banhart, yanaginagi, Shaylee, NIKIIE (who performs 2 songs & writes lyrics for 3) and lasah.

Momentary is Kosemura’s most mainstream, most accessible album yet..and arguably his best so far too. Check out the two lovely PVs above and sample Kosemura on Spotify.

Ushio Kensuke – Koe no Katachi Original Soundtrack

This one has (anime) soundtrack of the year written all over it; a thing of real beauty. Musician Ushio Kensuke is better known by his solo project name agraph, and he is also a member of the electronica supergroup LAMA as well as performing support duties for Denki Groove. Koe no Katachi is his second anime soundtrack work following 2014’s excellent Ping Pong the Animation.

For Koe no Katachi we’re similarly blessed with two discs’ worth of greatness; a mix of playful electropop and minimalist ambient. The quiet moments obviously outnumber the upbeat ones given the pensive nature of the Koe no Katachi story but it’s never any less…amazing? Fascinating? Sublime? Not sure there are any adjectives adequate to describe the music.

Do yourself a favour, grab the OST on Amazon.