2017: English Tracks

This is where the bulk of my listening went in 2017 – Youtube & Spotify rule, the album format is dead. Who’s got time to sit down for an hour to listen to a record? (my 1997 self would kill the me of 2017)

  • I’d been using my old iPhone 6 as a glorified iPod for most of the last 2 years and it finally died a couple of weeks ago so I bought an iPod Touch – my first since my Ipod (classic) 5th gen from 2005/6.
  • Headphones are unfortunately a no-go for me as I discovered when I got a Bluedio HT Bluetooth Wireless – they’re just incredibly uncomfortable & I’ve got skin issues so covering my ears up for sustained periods is not ideal. Earbuds are the only way to go for me & I currently rotate between 4 pairs depending whether I’m on the go or sat at home/in the office: Sennheiser CX 300-II, Creative EP-630, Xiaomi Mi Piston V4 Hybrids and Panasonic RP-HJE125 are what I’m using now. I tend to break a lot of these so I prioritize 1) price 2) fit 3) noise-isolation 4) bass boost in that order.
  • Genre-wise I remain all over the place but still comfortably mainstream – indie rock, electropop, soul/funk, EDM, acoustic folk, chill/ambient, country and contemporary Christian music are all represented on this list.
  • I honestly don’t follow or look out for any one artist in particular – it’s always about the songs for me. I mean, I’ve been listening to Freaky Friday a lot these past 6 months *sweatdrop*

PS please don’t mention Bodak Yellow, Passionfruit or Despacito.

1/Foster the People – Sit Next to Me
‘Feelin’ kinda tilted and I’m pourin’ out the truth’

2/Kehlani – Honey
‘I like my women like I like my money – green, a little jealous’

3/Kasabian – You’re In Love With a Psycho
“You got me walkin’ circles like a dog on a leash”

4/COIN – Boyfriend
“I don’t wanna be your boyfriend when you need a little company”

5/Capital Cities – Swimming Pool Summer
“Her eyes are laser-beaming me, Suspending all reality”

6/Charlotte Lawrence – Sleep Talking
‘Tellin’ me you’re different, but you’re just like the rest’

7/Cashmere Cat – Quit (feat. Ariana Grande)
‘We’ll fuck the pain away’

8/3LAU – Star Crossed
‘Don’t tell me that it feels like love’

9/Callum Beattie – We Are Stars
‘But something tells me you’re not quite lost without me’

10/Fickle Friends – Glue
‘Let’s stop being public, I guess we should get a room’

11/The Go! Team – Mayday

12/Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore
“If teardrops could be bottled, there’d be swimming pools filled by models”

13/MercyMe – Even If
‘Oh give me the strength to be able to sing “It is well with my soul”’

14/Danielle Bradbery – Sway
‘No there ain’t nothing wrong when a song comes on that makes you wanna Sway’

15/Sheppard – Edge of the Night
‘Watching the weekend creeping closer into view, Eye of the Tiger on the highway home to you’

16/Before You Exit, Great Good Fine OK – Find Yourself
‘So don’t let someone find you until you find yourself’

17/Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Someone to Stay
“Can you keep me close, can you love me most?”

18/Dean Lewis – Need You Now
‘There’s broken bottles around me like a technicoloured hue’

19/Ruth B. – If This Is Love
“If this is love, why does it break me down, why do you break me down?”

20/Lecrae – I’ll Find You (feat. Tori Kelly)
“But when that ocean of doubt comes, don’t let me drown in my sorrow”

21/Charlie Puth – Attention
“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart”
[I actually like Puth’s latest album…God. I must be going soft…]

22/Katie Perry – Chained to the Rhythm
“Are we tone deaf? Keep sweepin’ it under the mat, thought we could do better than that”

23/Calvin Harris – Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
“Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out a spaceship, need your information, take vacation to Malaysia”

24/Felix Snow – Evening Buffalo

25/Coast Modern – Dive
“So take my hand, let’s take a dive. Don’t hold your breath, we’re jumping in, dipping in the pool of life”

26/Phillip Phillips – Miles
‘Right now I need an escape from this gravity that holds me down’

27/Kiiara – Wishlist
“I’ve been riding shotgun in the silence, I love the taste of fear and Tanqueray”

28/Zara Larsson – One Mississippi
“We head for disaster, but live for the danger”

29/Sam Feldt X Lush & Simon feat. INNA – Fade Away
“I know it won’t stop if we turn the love up”

30/Joan – Love Somebody Like You
“I’m feeling emotion I wonder if you’re feeling it too”

31/French Montana – Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee)
“It’s not gonna work for you, nobody can equal me”

32/Sasha Sloan – Runaway
“Every time I fall in love, I go and fuck it up right when it gets good”

33/Empire of the Sun – On Our Way Home
“True hearts will wipe away every tear from your eyes, there should be no more without the pain”

34/Parcels – Overnight
‘I will stand, for I’ve won again’
[produced by Daft Punk!!!!]

35/Sufjan Stevens – Mystery Of Love
“How much sorrow can I take? Blackbird on my shoulder”
[never thought I’d live to see the day Sufjan performs at the Oscars….backed by St Vincent, Moses Sumney & Nickel Creek’s Chris Thile no less]

36/The Night Game – The Outfield
“I’m getting closer, but I’m still so far away. You got me standing in the outfield”

37/VÉRITÉ – When You’re Gone
“I don’t mind you leaving when the damage is done. And I don’t mind, I feel the same when you’re gone”

38/PVRIS – What’s Wrong
“Don’t need you to tell me I’m so cynical, quit being so over-skeptical, don’t need a metaphor for you to know I’m miserable”

39/Jacob Lee – Breadcrumbs
“Haven’t seen you in a little while, and I get a bit lonely”

40/The Vamps & Maggie Lindeman – Personal
“Girl don’t take it personal, but personally I think you’d be better with somebody like me”

41/NIIA – Nobody
‘Bruise me like a heartache, drink me like a milkshake’

42/Fall Out Boy – Champion
“If I can live through this, I can do anything”
[also never thought I’d live to a day where I find myself liking a Fall Out Boy song]

43/Jorja Smith – Fine Lines
“Wait, my train won’t leave for a minute, no connection delays my departure from you”

44/The xx – On Hold
“When and where did we go cold?”

45/Cheat Codes & CADE – Stay With You
“If you wanna do drugs, come through, through, through”

46/Tei Shi – Say You Do
“No, I never wanna say to you what I keep inside, cause when I think about it, you don’t know me like you say you do”

47/St. Vincent – Los Ageless
“How can anybody have you, how can anybody have you and lose you, how can anybody have you and lose you and not lose their mind too?”

48/EXES – Cain
“Been about a year since I found myself in London, living in your memory, revisiting our history”

49/Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – So Close
‘There’s no safety in desire, preserving life is as good as dying’

50/Hedley – Obsession
‘Can you take me to the dark side? And show me what it feels like’


2017: Lists

As promised, bullet lists of my 2017 listening.

10 Korean albums

1. Epik High – We’ve Done Something Wonderful
2. IU – Palette
3. Zitten – Uni-verse
4. Red Velvet – The Red Summer
5. Glen Check – The Glen Check Experience
6. Dear Cloud – My Dear, My Lover
7. Oh Hee Jung – Short Film
8. Jonghyun – The Collection ‘Story Op.2’
9. No Reply – Beautiful
10. Fromm – REVE

10 Japanese albums

1. Luck Life – Life is Beautiful
2. la la larks – Culture Vulture
3. toconoma – Newtown
4. Evening cinema – A True Romance
5. Jyocho – Aoi Ie de Bokura Kurasu
6. Yogee New Waves – New Waves
7. Shinrizumu – Have Fun
8. Awesome City Club – Awesome City Tracks 4
9. Yoshizawa Kayoko – Yaneura Ju
10. She Is Summer – Water

15 Jpop tracks

1. Kamisama, Boku wa Kizuiteshimatta – CQCQ
2. Doughnuts Hole – Otona no Okite
3. Beverly – I Need Your Love
4. Half time Old – Outfocus
5. ShuukaRen – Love Your LIFE
6. Perfume – If you wanna
7. MAGIC OF LiFE – Senkō Hanabi
8. Nishino Kana – Girls
9. REOL – Endless Line
10. Ryokuoshakai – Mata ne
11. E-Girls – Kitakaze to Taiyō
12. Ling Tosite Sigure – DIE meets HARD
13. Che’Nelle – Destiny
14. Mili – Ikutoshitsuki
15. Silent Siren – Love Balloon

10 Anisong albums

1/ Yonezu Kenshi – BOOTLEG
2/ Annabel – Nylon Town
3/ binaria – Tsuzuri
4/ Sana –Hush a by little girl
5/ Aoi Shota – Zero
6/ Yorushika – Natsukusa ga Jama wo Suru
7/ Nishizawa Shiena – Break Your Fate
8/ Yasuno Kiyono – Namida.
9/ Sphere – ISM
10/ Tamura Yukari – Princess Limited

10 Anime Soundtracks

1. Hashimoto Yukari – 3gatsu no Lion
2. Hayashi Yūki – Ballroom e Yokoso
3. Kajiura Yuki – Princess Principal
4. Iga Takurō – Tsuki ga Kirei
5. Suehiro Kenichirō – Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō
6. Kevin Penkin – Made in Abyss
7. Ushio Kensuke – Devilman Crybaby
8. Evan Call – Jikan no Shihaisha
9. Ōshima Michiru – Haikara-san ga Tooru Pt.1
10. Yokoyama Masaru – Kabukibu!

20 Anisong themes

1. DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi – Uchiage Hanabi (Fireworks theme song)
2. DAOKO x Okumura Yasuyuki – Step-Up Love (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond ED)
3. Yonezu Kenshi – Peace Sign (Boku no Hero Academia S2 OP)
4. Hayami Saori – Yume no Hate made (Haikara-san ga Tooru theme song)
5. ONE III NOTES – Shadow and Truth (ACCA13 OP)
6. GRANRODEO – move on! Ibara Michi (Saiyuki Reload Blast OP)
7. ORESAMA – Trip Trip Trip (Mahoujin Guruguru OP1)
8. ZAQ – Last Proof (Trinity Seven movie theme)
9. WEAVER – Dakara Boku wa Boku o Tebanasu (Sagrada Reset OP2)
10. Nakajima Megumi – Saturday Night Question (Net-jū no Susume OP)
11. angela – Zenryoku Summer! (Aho Girl OP)
12. SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Tielle & Gemie – gravityWall (Re:Creators OP1)
13. Kanda Sayaka – Ubiquitous dB (Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale IN)
14. Flower – Taiyō no Elegy (Shōkoku no Altair ED1)
15. YURiKA – Kyōmen no Namida (Hōseki no Kuni OP)
16. Luna Haruna – KIRAMEKI Lifeline (Urahara ED)
17. Isobe Karin, Yoshino Yuna, Lynn – behind (Just Because! ED)
18. Yasuno Kiyono – Chiisana Hitotsubu (Isekai Shokudō ED)
19. Aimer – Hana no Uta (Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel: Presage Flower ED)
20. Luck Life – Refrain (Saiyuki Reload Blast ED)

10 Other Ani(artist) songs, charasongs, mixed-media, games, c/w tracks etc

01. Saito Soma – Yoake wa Mada
02. Kokia – Nostalgia [Yūkyū no Tierblade Fragments of Memory OP]
03. Kokia – Kimi ga Iru kara Tsuyoku nareru yo [Yūkyū no Tierblade Fragments of Memory ED]
04. Masuda Toshiki – iNiTiaTiVe [Dear Vocalist]
05. Taichi Yō – Under the Moonlight [Princess Principal charasong]
06. Kalafina – Tonbo [Hyakka Ryōran c/w]
07. Tomatsu Haruka – Anata no Shiawase ni Watashi ga nareru nara [Uchōten Traveler c/w]
08. Inoue Marina – Far Away [Shingeki no Kyojin charasong – Armin Arlert]
09. fhána – Que Sera Sera ~Pontochō ver~ [Moon River c/w]
10. Uchida Maaya – c.o.s.m.o.s

The English stuff gets its own post, up next.